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Tree care (tree service) includes targeted insect and disease control sprays for your landscape. There are a wide range of insect and disease pests in our area. Our tree care service can keep your plants healthy with timed and targeted insect and disease control sprays when pest pressures are high.  And deep root fertilization with SUPERthrive® in the spring and fall.


Deep Root Fertilization for trees and shrubs
with SUPERthrive®

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Deep Root Fertilization

Your trees and shrubs represent a substantial part of your overall Landscape investment.
We can help you protect that investment
by keeping your landscape healthy and vigorous with balanced Deep Root Fertilizations using our state of the art soil injection system. This method offers results far superior to “do it yourself” products like spikes or hose end feeders for about the same cost. We include SUPERthrive® as a supplement to improve plant health with vitamins and hormones.
Deep Root fertilization is an important aspect of our tree care program.


Disease Control tree care for trees and shrubs

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Apple Scab on Crabapple leaf

Apple scab is a common fungal disease that affects a majority of crabapple trees in our area.
First of all, the leaves start out green and healthy in the Spring, and then in about four to 6 weeks the leaves become spotted , turn yellow or brown and curled, and drop prematurely.
Early fungicide applications beginning when leaves are just emerging from the bud are recommended.
Extended periods of rain and overcast in the spring favor this disease and complete control is not possible when these conditions persist.

Insect Control tree service for trees and shrubs

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Japanese beetle and damage on Linden

Japanese Beetle adults cause extensive damage to Linden trees, Birche trees (especially River Birch), Ornamental Plums, Rose bushes, Viburnums and many other landscape plants.
Since high populations of these insects will cause complete de-foliation thereby contributing to plant  stress and plant decline. Timely insect control treatments for this pest are extremely important and should be considered as part of your tree care program.


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Scale on Euonymus

Scale insects have needlelike mouthparts with which they feed on plant juices. The scales’ competition for moisture stresses the plant and can cause premature leaf drop and dieback of twigs and branches.The young scales that emerge from the eggs are known as crawlers. This is the only stage in the scales life when it does not have a protective outer “shell”. Because of this, scale insects are should be  controlled with a systemic insecticide.
Our tree service technicians are trained to scout and identify

Tree Care bagworm on spruce.

Bagworm on Spruce

Bagworms are the caterpillar, larval stage of butterflies and moths. While bagworms feed mainly on evergreens like Spruce and Arborvitae, they are also known to attack deciduous plants like Honey Locust and Viburnums. Bagworm live inside cocoons made from silken threads covered with bits of foliage from the host plant. Because bagworms are very destructive, control is usually required to save the plant.
Tree service insect control applications should begin when larva hatch in late Spring and follow-up applications may be required.

Tree Service, spider mites on spruce tree

Spider Mites on Spruce

Mites are an insect relative that attacks both evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs. They feed by inserting mouth parts into plant tissue and then sucking sap out of the host plant.
While mites are very small in size, the damage they cause is not. In large numbers they can be devastating. Foundation plants are extremely vulnerable to mite infestations, especially Burning Bush, Euonymus. Also susseptible to mite infestations are; Juniper, Spruce, Honeylocust and Privet.
Our licensed tree service technicians are trained to spot problems like this before they get out of hand.

At Tree & Turf Professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the very best care for your trees and shrubs.
We want to be your tree care service company

Tree care services by Tree & Turf Professionals include: Deep root fertilization with SUPERthrive®, Insect and disease control, Dormant oils, Emerald ash borer control, Scale control, consultation. Serving Naperville, Bolingbrook, Plainfield, Oak Brook, Burr Ridge, Lemont and surrounding communities since 1986.