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FERTILIZATION lawn service

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Left: Nitrogen/Urea – Right: Balanced fertilizer with micro nutrients and sulfur coated, slow release nitrogen.

Just as all fertilizers are not alike, the same holds true for the lawn service companies who apply them. At Tree & Turf Professionals, we know that your lawn needs more than just nitrogen. Phosphorus, Potassium, Micro Nutrients and Slow Release Nitrogen are not necessary to make a lawn green. They are however, necessary for a healthy lawn that is going to be more resistant to insect and disease pressures as well as drought and heat stress. We purchase only high quality fertilizers for our lawn services that have been specially blended for this area to give your lawn a balanced feeding and promote a healthy and green lawn.
Nutrient requirements for turfgrass in Illinois: Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council.


WEED CONTROL lawn service

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Broad leaf weeds

Even the best maintained lawns can occasionally have weeds. Keeping a lawn weed free takes more than just a couple of treatments each year. Some weeds like Ground Ivy and Clover are harder to control than others and may require multiple treatments. That’s why we provide free lawn service visits in between our regularly
scheduled visits for our full program customers. All you have to do is call us and we will respond within 2 business days to inspect your lawn
and re-apply weed control if necessary.
After a weed control application, you may notice the weeds begin to twist and curl within just a few days. This is a sign the weed control is working and complete results will be seen in 10 to 14 days.


CORE AERATION lawn service

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Core Aeration

Regular Core Aeration can help avoid costly renovation. Excess thatch in your lawn prevents water, fertilizer and other lawn service products from reaching the root zone.

Aeration pulls thousands of small soil cores from your lawn. These cores are disbursed over the surface of the lawn. As they break down with rainfall and mowing, helpful soil microbes are incorporated into the thatch layer to help keep thatch in check naturally.

If your lawn is thin, Over Seeding after your lawn has been Core Aerated is a cost effective way to help thicken your lawn.


GRUB CONTROL lawn service

lawn grub control, lawn service Bolingbrook, Lemont, Burr Ridge, Naperville, Hinsdale

White grub and damage.

Grubs are the larva stage of various types of beetles. The May/June beetle and the Japanese beetle are the most common in this area.

Life cycle of the grub: June/July eggs are laid in the lawn. August/September the eggs hatch and  grubs begin feeding on the roots of the grass
plants. Feeding continues through October. As the grubs feed, the damage first appears as brown areas in the lawn. If rain is not plentiful or if you are not irrigating, these areas may die and renovation will be necessary. Also foraging animals such as Raccoons, Skunks and Opossums, will dig in the lawn in search of a meal. The damage caused by these animals can be devastating. The grubs over-winter in the lawn in a dormant state. In the spring the grubs come out of dormancy and resume feeding. The adult beetle emerges in May/June to start the cycle over again.

Fall grub control applications are available. Once grubs are controlled for the fall season, there will not be any further damage from that generation the following spring. We do however, offer and recommend a grub preventive treatment, which is applied in June/July with the summer lawn
fertilization to assure you will not have a grub problem in the fall.

DISEASE CONTROL lawn service

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Lawn Diseases

Some of the more common lawn diseases we see in the Chicago area are; Dollar Spot, Leaf Spot, Red Thread, Rust, Summer Patch and Necrotic Ring spot.

Prolonged periods of rain accompanied by overcast sky s in the Spring along with hot and humid Summers can promote lawn diseases. While proper mowing and watering practices can help minimize disease, too much of what happens to the  lawn outside in the environment is beyond of our control.

Tree & Turf lawn service does provide optional disease control applications. However, due to the number of different diseases we experience in this area and the treatment options that are targeted to each disease, this problem should be discussed with a turf specialist to determine the proper course of action. If you suspect that you may have a disease problem in your lawn please don’t hesitate to contact us.



lawn service surface feeding insects

Surface feeding insects

Surface feeding insects can cause a lot of damage.
Correct identification of lawn pests is important for successful control. Sometimes the damage of surface feeders can be confused with drought damage and go untreated. Close inspection should be made of turf grass that does not respond to watering.

At Tree & Turf Professionals, our lawn service technicians are trained to look for these pests so that a proper treatment can be recommended for the lawn.

Some lawn pests have more than one generation in a season. For example: Sod webworm in Illinois can have as many as three generations in a single season, with the eggs of the last generation overwintering in the lawn.



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Lawn service by Tree & Turf Professionals include: fertilization, weed control, organic fertilization, organic weed control, Milorganite® applications, core aeration, grub control, surface insect control, nut sedge control, disease control, crabgrass control.

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